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Current promotions - The One Day Challenge

One Day Challenge

We'd like to introduce you to a new way to pro-actively manage your customer and website communications, that frees you from the chore of constant updates. Get the power of forsight:

What is the One day challenge?

Today, businesses ignore the power of the internet at their cost. Whatever business you're in, your website provides your potential customers with a reference to who you are and what you do.

The big issues for most businesses that aren't actively trading on the internet are:

  • how to appear dynamic, interesting and hence worth approaching with new business?
  • how to achieve it without spending a lot of time and expense constantly updating your website?

Here's where Plus4Site wins every time, because it's so easy to use:

Step 1: Plus4Site's easy to use online editor guides you through creation of short teaser stories, within which you programme a publish and expiry date.

Step 2: Er.. you just sit back and your stories appear on your website on the dates that you've specified. No intervention on your part is needed*.


* You also need to add a link to your unique PlusSite information source on your website - a one off job for your web designer that should take no more than 10 minutes using the tools that we provide.

Ready to give it a try?

So here's the deal. We've already created some ready made stories of general interest using Plus4Site and called it "The Information Channel". It's constantly updated with new information and designed to appeal to a broad range of interest.

Open a Plus4Site account today and get exclusive access to the full edition of The Information Channel service until 2007 at no extra cost. This is an ideal way to make your website more engaging and dynamic in just one day, to learn how to use RSS feeds to boost the profile of your organisation or to fill out your own newsfeed service while you gather momentum in generating your own stories.

Many people already find the The Information Channel a useful resource in its own right when they are planning ahead because it helps identify and avoid high profile and major events happening elsewhere.

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