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Intoduction to Plus4Site

Overview of Plus4Site

Plus4Site is the exciting new way to communicate with your network of customers and users. Its built in scheduler always delivers the right message at the right time, giving you the power of foresight.

The power to communicate into the future...

Now anyone can become a media baron. With Plus4Site, you too can publish topical information on your website and to Microsoft Outlook™ folders, using the same publishing technology previously only available to major media organisations like The BBC, The Telegraph, Timesonline, Guardian Unlimited to name just a few.

Release the power of information and engage your customer comunity with the freshest website in your business.
Latest information scheduled as far in advance as you can plan.
Can be used to create compelling news stories that build over time.
No ongoing web programming knowledge needed once installed.

Creating Tomorrow's News Today

With Plus4Site, you really can create Tomorrow's News Today, because each story has its own in-built schedule. This means that you can enter news and promotional information from your forward planning schedule as far ahead as you wish, knowing that it will be released on your website and in your newsfeed at the point in time of maximum impact. Equally importantly, stories are removed after their expiry date, avoiding the most common website flaw - outdated information.

A complete news management solution in divisible parts

Plus4Site is designed to meet the needs of businesses with a wide range of sophistication and website skills by neatly dovetailing with what you already have or providing the complete package. Choose from:

Story creation and distribution
Full story page creation (long form story bank)
The Information Channel
Readership Statistics

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