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Select and Buy Plus4Site

Select and Buy

So if you like the idea of the benefits that you can gain from Plus4Site, here's where you can select and buy the package of services that's matched to your needs.

Depending on how extensive your current website is, you may have some of these areas covered already, but if not we can help. Either way, this is the most cost effective way for you to gain the power of foresight!

Select the services that you require

Please select from the list of services below and click the BUY button to proceed to step 2 entering your contact details

Story creation and distribution - £15.99/month

This is the core of Plus4Site, that allows you to create and distribute your own news stories:-

  • Unlimited news items + story builds + strands
  • Schedule as far in advance as you can plan
  • Free tools to deploy your stories on your own website (XML, HTML & Javascript)
  • Create hyperlinks to your own website or your personal space in the Plus4Site Long Form story bank
  • Use your own presentation styles to match your own website layout or select from one of the Plus4Site themes
  • Free to deploy RSS feed of your news

Full story page creation (long form story bank) - £15.99/month

Easy creation of long form stories and articles that expand on your Plus4Site news items:-

  • Hosted web pages each with a unique URL (web address)
  • Maximum of 50 concurrent pages (enquire if you need more)
  • Online WYSIWYG page editor that requires no HTML or other programming skills
  • Text and pictures
  • Choice of design templates

The Information Channel - £10.99/month

A source of always fresh news created by us and exclusive to Plus4Site customers:-

  • Wide general interest topics subdivided into categories
  • Configure the number and length of story items to fit the screen space you have available.
  • Selectable themes/presentation styles
  • Provides an engaging source of topical information to supplement your own stories

Readership Statistics - £4.99/month

An easy to use method of monitoring usage of your website:-

  • Track visitors to your site containing a feed from Plus4Site
  • Use with your own Plus4Site stories or in conjunction with the Information Channel as a stand alone website visitor tracking system
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